Become a Speed Reader

Learn to become a speed reader using one of the following phone apps along with an instruction tutorial and practice workbook.

Reading Rampage Memphis!

Reading Rampage is absolutely FREE and open to the community For ages 9 to adult No prior computer experience necessary No book or software purchase necessary Laptops, tablets, smartphones allowed (but not required) Seating is limited so registration is required Facilitated by: Dr. James Gholson, Dr. Thomas Motley, Sr., Dr. Thomas Motley, Jr., Fr. James Cubine Phone: 901-743- 6421Email:    Reader Rabbit …

DOSBOX and Reading

DOSBOX Using Dosbox A speed-reading program is not a race, it is a metronome-for-your-eyes. Programs of this sort, especially the better ones, teach focus and concentration whether you are reading to scan, comprehend, or read intensively. The FTP directory on this website holds several DOS based files, which are brought to life with DOSBOX. Download DOSBOX (BOXER for MAC); Install …

Musical Families

Learn all about the orchestral musical families of the strings, woodwinds, and brass. A British Family that plays strings together. US Navy Band History 1962-68